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Go Plastic Free with Solid 3in1 Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body

New revolutionary concentrated formula made with 98% ingredients of natural origin




Reduce single use plastic at your hotel with our new solid 3in1 shampoo bar for hair and body. 

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Offer your hotel guests a solid 3in1 Shampoo Bar instead of plastic bottles.

Go plastic free with our multi-functional solid hydrating shampoo bars for hair, body, hands and face.  No plastic, no sulfates, parabens, phthalates or silicones either.

 The latest trend in guest toiletries that your guests in the know will thank you for.  Concentrated without water, our solid shampoo and conditioner eliminates the need for plastic bottles.  Better for the environment. Great for your guest's hair and skin.

Perfume Notes:     A note of cucumber, watermelon and sagebrush determines the start of this fragrance. Feminine notes of rose and violet are harmoniously balanced by masculine touches of ambergris and sandalwood.

Head note: Egyptian Geranium, Artemisia (mugwort), Melon, Rosewood

Heart Note: Violet essence from Parma, Rose of Damascus

Base Note: Sandalwood, Ambergris,  Atlas Cedar

Plastic Free and Zero Waste

 Placed nude in a recyclable carton box  that your guests can resuse to take unfinished products home.  FSC certified from responsibly managed forests and recycled sources .

98% Natural Origins

Organic based formula with added honeyquat, amaranth protein and willow bark for extra nourishment and conditioning.  Without sulfates, silcone or preservatives 


Multi Functional

An extra conditioning and detangling formula makes it ideal as a  shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash and soap for hands and face. Great also for shaving.   


No plastic waste sorting or bottle refilling required.  An affordable option that replaces several amenity products and that will last an average of 10 shampoos  


Eco-responsible & Biodegradable 

Concentrated without water you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint with zero negative impact for the oceans and the planet's ecosystem



Easy to Use

Wet the surface of the product with water, rub with hands to create a rich lather, than apply the product on the hair or skin using your fingers or a wash cloth. The bar can be applied directly to wet hair for a more generous lather.

Join the challege to reduce and eliminate single use plastic 

We are pleased to partner with "Racing for the Oceans" to introduce a high quality alternative to 300ml shampoo and shower gel dispensers.

For hotels and vacation properties that want to eliminate "single-use" plastic and who would like to position themselves as an eco-friendly hotel, this innovative solid shampoo is the result of intensive research aimed at obtaining the ideal formula for a gentle effective cleansing product for the face, body and hair. 

A high quality, individual yet affordable guest amenity product that your customers will want to take with them to finish at home (in the box). 


Discover more about our partner " Racing for the Ocean "

Move from a plastic trash producer to a zero waste producer.